Carl Stokes Counselling MBACP

Self-harm & Self-destructive Thoughts

Harming one's self intentionally can take many forms. Self-harm and self-destructive thoughts and their related behaviours can be seen as a way to alleviate emotional pain in order to control and regulate these difficult emotions. The root of emotional pain can stem from traumatic childhood experiences and shame based trauma.

Talking through these experiences and moving towards acceptance at your own pace can help to stop the self harm. Shame is not the same as guilt, we can give shame back to its origin. Working with dreams and images can be really insightful when working with such issues.

Self harm issues include:

  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Cutting or burning of skin
  • Suicidal thoughts
Are you experiencing self-harm and/or self-destructive thoughts?  I can help - please get in touch.