“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”

Above is a quote by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. This short sentence is not only a profound enlightened thought, but a truth. If we analyse and expand what Jung was saying in this quotation, we can see that he was proposing that, the experiences we have had in our lives have maybe shaped our personalities negatively, and with conscious effort we don't have to be defined by them or become identified with those experiences.

Of course, our events in life can be positive and negative. By becoming conscious of our life experiences, looking at how they shaped us, it is possible to begin to have a choice of how we move forward with this knowledge.

Imagine a book that is your life up to this point, the previous chapters contain events that were not always in our control. Our response to each of those experiences dictate how we move forward, sometimes we are traumatised, unable to process our experiences in the best way, this can cause us much difficulty with our emotional responses and relationships, fear and anxieties can lead us into unhealthy coping strategies such as addictions and leave us feeling hopeless and depressed.

Carefully and compassionately re-visiting those chapters can help in moving towards acceptance and a freeing up of energies that have held us back. By moving towards acceptance, we can then have a say in what the next chapters will be.

While I was studying in Switzerland a very simple equation was put forward in a lecture I was attending, that equation is consciousness = choice. Personal growth can be a painful process, but, with a compassionate, understanding therapist, we do not have to do this work alone. Looking at, and freeing ourselves from past traumas and difficulties, dealing with the feelings that we were unable to at that time, and
how those traumas have affected us and cause problems in our lives. We can begin to have better relationships and live with a more creative attitude to life.

Although working on trauma is difficult it can be a cathartic experience, and perhaps the most important thing we can do for ourselves in order to move towards a better future and a happier life. Indeed, we can become the future author of our lives.

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